RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Spencer Roane

Spencer Roane has been a staunch supporter of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association whether he has been on or off the board for over 30 years. More importantly, he has been a great source of information for anyone who asked for his help, at no charge. He has gone one step further, and ;paid an attorney over $4,000 to create a lease purchase document that is in compliance with the Safe Act. He has made this document available free of charge to anyone who wants a copy. I know this to be true since I have received his lease.

When Ivan hit Gulf Shores, Alabama, in 2004, Spencer drove down and volunteered for two weeks. He did the same thing a year later when Katrina devastated New Orleans. He is also a volunteer at his church

He has served on the NCCI Board, GMHA and founded SECO, Southeastern Community Owners.

Spencer has offered to help anyone who seeks him out. At his own expense, Spencer has travelled to Texas, Alabama and Tennessee to help community owners. He single-handedly created SECO, a two day symposium for community owners. SECO just completed its 7th year, and attendance grew from approximately 80 in the first year to 178 this year.

He is a big supporter of both Parkinson's and Cancer Research foundations.

If you were assembling a team, you'd not only want Spencer on your team, but you'd want him as captain.

Martin J. (Marty) Shea

Martin J. (Marty) Shea began his career in the RV industry in 1978 as Holiday Rambler's Sales Rep for the Northeast, and by 1995 he had worked his way up to National Director of Dealer Development.

In 1996, he left Holiday Rambler to open his own dealership, Madison RV Superstore, Inc., in Madison, Alabama. He is a stalwart support of RVDA and other professional associations, and served as RVDA Chairman of the Board in 2003-2004. In addition, he offers his leadership on numerous RVDA committees.

Few have done as much to improve the RV industry and its community than Marty Shea. Marty's unique background combined with an innate high level of intelligence provides him an exceptional understanding of our industry and makes him an invaluable and exceptionally credible spokesman for the industry. He helped focus the industry's leadership on issues that really mattered to the ultimate customer. He continues to work tirelessly to improve everyone's understanding of what everyone can do to make the industry better. Marty put issues into context to help find workable solutions.

Woody Paylor

Woody Paylor opened his first RV Dealership in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, in 1986. His confidence to begin this new venture was fostered from serving 18 years as the operating manager and minority partner of a single RV dealership as well a multi-location Mobile Homes sales group.

Today, Woody's has four locations, selling more than 2,000 Recreation Vehicles a year. Woody's is devoted to providing leading edge products supported by a team of professionals committed to exceeding the expectations of its customers. Woody has always been a RV visionary, first by bypassing the city to locate on the highways where the vehicle traffic was, well before it was fashionable.

His was the first Canadian dealership to join an entirely U.S. 20 group. In his Spader group he always strived to give more than he received. While Woody is now the retired founder of the dealerships, his vision and values carry forward with location growth planned in 2016, currently led by his son, Darren Paylor. Woody has been an unabashed supporter of the Canadian RVDA serving multiple terms as its chairman and continuing to support their efforts with time, money and staff.

Dennis J. Beadle

Dennis J. Beadle began his career in the Manufactured Housing Industry in 1963. By 1971 he had co-founded Victorian Home, Inc., and eventurally obtained ownership in two successful MH dealerships. Beadle was a enthusiastic advocate and supporter of professional associations. He served on the board of directors for IMHA (both at Valley Chapter and at the state level) and also served on the national board of directors of MHI in Washington, D.C.

In addition he sat on the HUD Advisory Board (Washington D.C.) and was the chairman of MHI's Political Action Committee (PAC). Dennis J. Beadle has proven to be a great leader for the entire industry.

Christine Lindsey

Christine Lindsey is a tireless promoter of manufactured housing and all of its benefits. She has devoted her entire career to communities and the many families the MH industry serve. She believes in the importance of understanding your industry and your customers. Lindsey is known for 'doing what's right.'

She is always willing to serve or counsel with a state association which she operates within; continues to support many state legislative Political Action Campaigns (PAC), as well as the PAC of MHI; and believes in her personal mission of creating safe, affordable communities for families to raise their children. Lindsey began her career with UMH Properties, Inc., in 1979 and is currently employed there as Vice President of Sales & Finance.

L. Douglas Lippert

Perhaps a more difficult task than starting a company is moving the torch away from the founding father and keeping it lit. This task was given to L. Douglas Lippert in 1977 when his father, Larry, handed him the reigns of Lippert Components. Doug's focus was to always make the manufacturing housing industry great. He kept LCI going through two recessions and grew the company from 5 million in 1977 to 100 million in 1997.

There were many suppliers, many different companies and a lot of instability. Doug combined all of the Lippert companies into one and established strong relationships with the manufacturers bringing stability to an industry that was going down the wrong path. Once combined, LCI was able to provide frames and parts through some pretty tough times, including Hurricane Andrew which caused many of LCI's facilities to provide FEMA frames for over a year.

Without Doug's guidance through tough times, LeI wouldn't have survived to become what it is today and creating thousands a jobs along the way.

Michael G Sullivan

Michael G. Sullivan has been a tireless supporter of our Manufactured Housing industry. He has served on the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) board of directors for decades, including terms as president and vice chair. Mike has served a chair of nearly every important committee for IMA where he has vigorously promoted and defended the industry with state and local government regulators.

Mike is a very knowledgeable resource for manufactured housing and has been a speaker at many forums and conventions. Mike has devoted more than 40 years to the manufactured housing industry. He has worked in many facets of the business: property development, retail sales, community ownership and management. He has been a certified property manager for 30 years. The company he leads operates more than 100 manufactured home communities. He has also constructed and operates RV resorts. Never seeking the limelight, this modest person lends his support liberally to any program or cause to better our industry.

His efforts and leadership have created many jobs and have provided quality, affordable housing for tens of thousands of people. During all of his years of voluntary service to the industry, Mike has not asked for anything in return. He has been totally unselfish and, in fact, has been a major financial contributor to all segments of the business and has sponsored many events for the benefit of all industry participants.

Walter Bennett

Walt Bennett joined Airstream in 1977 and promoted to vice president, Thor Industries, Inc., in 1983. He rose in the Thor ranks over the years and finally in 2011, he was named Thor's vice president.

Bennett's passion for excellence has had a significant effect on the RV Industry through Walt's involvement with the RVIA. He served as RVIA Chairman (2001 - 2002). He has also served on RVIA's Public and Legislative Affairs Committee Member since 1993. Walt's no-nonsense, do the right thing approach has influenced many RVIA decisions that will continue to have an everlasting impact on the industry as it moves forward.

Edwin H. Baier

Ed Baier became the first International parts distributor in the United States and Canada in 1966. At the top of his career he had 10 branches of Trailer Equipment Distributors Inc. (six in the U.S. and four in Canada}, three subsidiary companies, (West Coast Metal Products, Interstate Metal Fabricators, Motor Wheel and Parts) and two manufactures' rep firms, (Tedco Associates, Mid-America Representatives).

He was a driving force behind dealer/tech clinics to keep everyone apprised of new code regulations regarding the industry as well as product knowledge. He always supported every facet of the industry in his region and protected the true industry dealers with good inventory and price structures. He implemented the six digit numbering system (00-0000) still used by many distributors today.

He was well respected by the dealers he served, the product manufacturers that he represented and marketed, and the industry associations he supported. His love for the industry and the excitement of its growth is what fueled him.

David Gorin

David Gorin contributed substantially to promotion and growth of the RV industry over more than 25 years. He transformed the National Campground Owners Association from insolvency into a financially stable and vital organization.

He purchased its headquarters building and equipped the association to meet the needs of a membership that he helped grow into an important segment of the hospitality industry. A recognized industry expert, his views are widely sought.

He developed and owned a campground, created a national marketing network for premium RV resorts, consulted and assisted hundreds of investors and developers, and writes regular columns for industry publications.