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Spencer Roane

Boyd Roane Inc. and Southeastern Community Owners



Spencer Roane has been a staunch supporter of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association whether he has been on or off the board for over 30 years. More importantly, he has been a great source of information for anyone who asked for his help, at no charge. He has gone one step further, and ;paid an attorney over $4,000 to create a lease purchase document that is in compliance with the Safe Act. He has made this document available free of charge to anyone who wants a copy. I know this to be true since I have received his lease.

When Ivan hit Gulf Shores, Alabama, in 2004, Spencer drove down and volunteered for two weeks. He did the same thing a year later when Katrina devastated New Orleans. He is also a volunteer at his church

He has served on the NCCI Board, GMHA and founded SECO, Southeastern Community Owners.

Spencer has offered to help anyone who seeks him out. At his own expense, Spencer has travelled to Texas, Alabama and Tennessee to help community owners. He single-handedly created SECO, a two day symposium for community owners. SECO just completed its 7th year, and attendance grew from approximately 80 in the first year to 178 this year.

He is a big supporter of both Parkinson’s and Cancer Research foundations.

If you were assembling a team, you’d not only want Spencer on your team, but you’d want him as captain.