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Mission Statement

RV/MH Heritage Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the RV & MH Industries by providing a facility to preserve the history and honoring of the pioneers who have made significant contributions to the good of the two industries.

Darryl Searer, President


  1. To maintain a Hall of Fame to honor the leaders of our Industries. Today we have over 400 members in the Hall called the “Wall of Fame”
  2. To archive our history. Today we have a great library with over 20,000 industry publications
  3. To create a display of historic products for both RV & MH Industries. Today we have a one of a kind RV museum starting with over 100 year old RV’s. Also many Mobile Home Artifacts over 75 years old.
  4. To aid in promoting the RV/MH industries. Today we have the GoRving Hall for New RVs and the new Manufactured Home display for MH.
  5. To provide a first class event center. Today we operate the Northern Indiana Event Center ( N.I.E.C ) with over 58,000 sq..ft. of space available in eight different areas, plus over a million square feet of parking.

In the past eight years we have made great strides in improving the financial stability of the RV/MH Heritage Foundation by be-coming debt-free and increasing our net worth by over 12 million dollars.

RVMH Heritage Foundation has plans to build a 60,000 square foot event center early in this decade which will complete the vision for the 40 acre site.

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Darryl Searer

Foundation Board and Staff

RV/MH Heritage Foundation, Inc. Board Room
RV/MH Heritage Foundation, Inc. Library
RV/MH Heritage Foundation, Inc. Hall of Fame

Executive Committee

Barry Cole, Chairman Emeritus
MH Insurance Services
Orange, California

Darryl Searer, President/Treasurer
RV/MH Hall of Fame
Elkhart, Indiana

Joe Stegmayer, Past Chairman
Cavco Industries Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

Mick Ferkey, Chairman
Greeneway RV
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Dana Nelsen, Board Member
RV News Magazine
Denver, Colorado

Thomas R. Walworth,
Statistical Surveys
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Betty Whittaker, Board Member
Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute
Frankfort, Kentucky

BJ Thompson, Board of Directors
BJ Thompson Associates
Osceola, Indiana

Jim Scoular, Member
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Board

Debbie Brunoforte
Little Dealer, Little Prices
Phoenix, Arizona

John Evans
E&R MH/RV Window Service
Redlands, California

Randy Biles
RV Dealer
Colorado Springs CO

Tim McGuire
Retired CEO of Coast Distribution

Tim DeWitt
Retired President of MARVAC
Livonia MI

Mike Sullivan
Irvine CA 92614

Bill Thomas
Thomas RV Dealer
Wentzville MO

John D Roba
Roba and Associates
Clarence Center, New York

Mark Bowersox
Manufactured Housing Institute
Arlington, VA

Founding Staff

Ryan Szklarek
Executive Vice President
RV/MH Heritage Foundation

Administrative Director
RVMH Heritage Foundation

Kelsey McDaniel
Administrative Assistant
RV/MH Heritage Foundation

Chuck Wilde
Head of Maintenance
RVMH Heritage Foundation

Admissions & Gift Shop

Sydney Hale

Lee Mathieu

Connie Hart

Jon Hart

Briana Sanchez

Leo Poggione
Craftsman Homes, Inc.
Reno, Nevada