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Edwin H. Baier

Evergreen RV Supply



Ed Baier became the first International parts distributor in the United States and Canada in 1966. At the top of his career he had 10 branches of Trailer Equipment Distributors Inc. (six in the U.S. and four in Canada}, three subsidiary companies, (West Coast Metal Products, Interstate Metal Fabricators, Motor Wheel and Parts) and two manufactures’ rep firms, (Tedco Associates, Mid-America Representatives).

He was a driving force behind dealer/tech clinics to keep everyone apprised of new code regulations regarding the industry as well as product knowledge. He always supported every facet of the industry in his region and protected the true industry dealers with good inventory and price structures. He implemented the six digit numbering system (00-0000) still used by many distributors today.

He was well respected by the dealers he served, the product manufacturers that he represented and marketed, and the industry associations he supported. His love for the industry and the excitement of its growth is what fueled him.