RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Jim Sheldon

The RV industry has achieved the success it has because of people like Jim Sheldon, leaders who put the good of the industry above all else. His ability to keep competitors and industry partners moving in the same direction to take the industry to new heights is what set him apart. Jim’s actions, as evidenced […]

Walter K. Hughes

Walter Hughes began with Fleetwood Homes of Ohio in 1969 and retired as general manager of Fleetwood Homes of Virginia in 1994. Through every step of his career, Hughes' leading presence within the industry has been felt. He is President Emeritus of the Virgina MHA. Hughes achieved tremendous legislative success as Chairman of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Manufactured Housing Board. Hughes was elected to the Virginia Manufactured Housing Hall of Fame in 1994.

William W. Weide

The founding Chairman of the MHMA Legislative Committee, Founding Chairman of the SEMHI Legislative Committee, active member of ANSI enforcement programs, Chairman of MHMA, Chairman of MHI, active member of the committee to merge TCA, MHMI, and SEMHI to form MHI. A leader in the promotion of 14' wide home movement legislation. President of Fleetwood Industries.

Elden E. Smith

Fleetwood Industries V.P. for RV's from 1971 - 1997, TCA and RVIA Board of Governors 1971 - 1996. Recipient of RVIA Distinguished Achievement Award. Under his leadership, Fleetwood sold over 1 million RV's and grew to become the #1 RV manufacturer in the nation.