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Jim Sheldon

Fleetwood Enterprises



The RV industry has achieved the success it has because of people like Jim Sheldon, leaders who put the good of the industry above all else. His ability to keep competitors and industry partners moving in the same direction to take the industry to new heights is what set him apart. Jim’s actions, as evidenced by his awards, were viewed by his industry peers as continuously striving to encourage the multiple constituencies of the RV industry to work collectively for the growth and betterment of the industry, distinguished service, and extraordinary contributions to the industry’s overall success. Jim’s contributions as the original Chairman of the Committee on Excellence, with its focus on improving customer service. However, Jim has been a dedicated industry statesman during his entire career. From improving customer service, leading the Committee on Excellence to being a founding member of the GoRVing Coalition, to testifying against unreasonable regulations, to unifying the industry through his leadership. Jim has left an indelible mark on the industry