RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Ellwood A. Titcomb

As the President of Americorp, he has, since the 1940s, pioneered the development of housing communities throughout the country. His efforts were key in getting oversize homes permitted on New England highways where he was President of the New England Mobile Home Association. He pioneered no steps ground level home placement in communities in New England, California, and Florida.

Stanley Sunshine

As president of his company, he served on the board of the RV Aftermarket Association from 1991 to 1999 including terms as chairman in 98 and 99. He served on the RVIA board from 2002 to 2010 as chairman of the Supplier Committee. He is a long time champion of the RV Learning Center and promoting efficiency in the industry.

Bob Olson

Beginning as an hourly production worker, he grew through the ranks to become Chairman and CEO of Winnebago. He has been a veteran member of the RVIA Executive Committee serving as both treasurer and secretary and Co-Chairman of the highly successful Go RVing Coalition. He built his company's reputation for commitment to service to both his dealers and his customers.

Gerald Meuret

While growing his company, he served 32 years on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance including terms as chairman in 81, 83-84, and in 1990. As the only 3 term chairman of his association, he developed such credibility that 100% of the producers in his state became members. He has been a firm advocate of customer service while providing thousands of families with homes. He is recognized as having changed the perception of manufactured housing for the better in Wisconsin.

Edith Lane

As the founder, in 1969, and leader of the national club for single RV travelers now having chapters throughout the US and in Canada she served for 15 years as President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Beginning with 9 charter members the club has grown to over 5,000 international members. Developer of 3 RV Parks targeting single RVers and a longtime columnist on the RV lifestyle in national consumer magazines. Because of her early vision, most RV clubs now have a chapter for singles.

Nelson and Mary Emily Jackson

Beginning in the early 1970s with 30 RV sites, they built their campground into a community which now provides sites for 3,449 RVs. They were recognized as National RV Park of the Year in 1997, 98, 99, 02, 03, 08, 09 and 2011-12. In 2006 they were honored by the South Carolina Governor for their efforts in promoting tourism in the state. They have, for 40 years been active in national, state and local campground associations where they have served as mentors to campground operators nationwide..

Doug Gorman

He was a charter member of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Consensus Committee as the only housing retailer on the committee. He is Past-Chairman of the MHI Federated States Division representing retailers and community operators and has been recognized 9 times as MHI Retail Center of the Year. He has served as chairman of the Great Southwest Home Show.

Michael R. Evans

A housing retailer with locations in 4 states serving customers in 10 states and providing affordable housing to over 12,000 families. He has served 20 years on the board of the South Dakota Housing Association and the North Central Manufactured Housing Institute. He has served several governors on issues of manufactured housing taxation, movement and zoning.

Mary Irene Younkin

A 60+ year veteran of the RV and housing industry, she chaired the Ohio MHA convention for 12 years and has served the OHIO MHA for over 30 years. For many years, she directed the RV side of the family business while her husband, Floyd, directed the housing sales and communities. She founded Dycom Industries to develop housing communities and promote the use of fiber optics in Florida. Mrs. Younkin joins her late husband and her son in the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

Perry Yoder

He served the RV industry with 4 manufacturers and with a component supplier. In 1975, he patented a slide-out mechanism for RVs. A member of the IMHA-RVIC board from 1978 to 2001, he served 3 terms as RV Council Chairman; he also served as chairman of the Midwest RV Show committee. In 1990 he was named association Citizen of the Year