RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Mike Molino

A dynamic leader of a variety of industry organizations, for nearly 10 years he has served simultaneously as RVDA President, President of RV Assistance Corp., Vice President of the Go RVing Coalition, Treasurer of American Recreation Coalition, and as a board member of the RV/MH Heritage Foundation. He is a retired director of the US Army War College.

Bruce Hertzke

He is a dynamic industry leader and current chairman of the RVIA board. He is a 5 year member of the RVDA Education Foundation Board. He has been named RV Business Magazine s Newsmaker of the Year three times. Starting as an hourly production worker he has grown through the ranks to lead his company.

Joseph P. Hayden, Jr.

His company has been a leader in retailing, financing and insuring manufactured housing and recreational vehicles for over 50 years. His company is believed to be the first vertically integrated company focusing on finance of industry products. He served on the board and executive committee of Fannie Mae from 1969 1991.

Crosby Forrest

He is one of the founding members of RVDA, and long time RVDA board member serving as RVDA President in 1978 and 79 and Chairman in 80-82. He is recognized as a leader and mentor for RV retailers from coast to coast.

Tom Faludy

He is a long time RVIA board member and industry activist. One of the founders and the first chairman of the Go-RVing Coalition serving from 1995 to 2004, he has been recognized as one of the 25 most influential leaders in the history of the industry. He is a recipient of the RVIA Distinguished Service Award the organization s highest honor.

Harris Berg

He is a 36-year member of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance, serving 13 years on the board of directors and 5 years on the Minnesota MHA board of directors. He has been vital to the effort to pass several state regulations regarding permits for home movement. He has been a leader in the move toward more customization in home production.

Rolly Bannister

He has developed over 20 manufactured home subdivisions and is a pioneer in the development of upscale land/home projects. He is a past president of North Carolina MHI and a life member of CAMHA.

Ronald Younkin

He has served continuously on the Ohio MHA board of directors since 1969 and is past-president of the association. As an MHI member, he played a key role in establishing the role of HUD in manufactured housing. He is a leader in the development of land-lease communities and of subdivisions for mixed site-built and manufactured housing. He is a board member of the RV/MH Heritage Foundation. He is a second-generation inductee, his father, Floyd having been inducted in 1981.

Donald Westphal

He has been responsible for the planning of over 450,000 homesites in over 1,000 developed communities. He is a long time member and board member of MHI and the Michigan MHA of which he is a past-president. He was the MHI supplier person of the year in 2001.

Randy Thompson

He has served as a director and past-chairman of RVDA, director and past-chairman of RV Assistance Corp., director and first chairman of the RVDA-RVIA Service Technician Certification Board and is recognized as a major catalyst in its creation. He is a contributing founder of the RVDA Education Foundation.
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