RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Ted Weinhold

He is a 20 year representative to the National Manufactured Housing Federation for the Arizona association and was the National Federation Chairman in 1984 & 85. He has served as state association President twice, he is a Governor’s appointee to the Arizona Board of Housing, and he served on the committee to consolidate 5 separate Arizona MH associations into one functioning body.

Mervin Lung

He has been in the Manufactured Housing and RV industries since 1941, and is a 20 year MHI member. He founded Patrick Industries in 1957, and introduced Gypsum board to the MH industry, he also introduced pre-finished paneling and many other components in common use today. He has served on the Board of Directors of Ivy Tech College, which trains thousands of industry personnel, since 1980.

Dennis Dukes

A 30 year state association member including 14 on the Board of Directors, he has served as Chairman and Federation delegate. As a housing retailer and campground operator, he served as a Michigan Manufactured Housing Commission member for 15 years. He has been MMH&RVCA PAC Chairman, and a member of the University of Michigan Task Force study of Michigan housing needs. He helped organize the Midwest MH Federation which operates the Louisville MH Show.

Dusty Crum

An RV retailer since 1967, he was instrumental in the formation of what has now become the Florida RV Trade Association and is a 15 year leader of that organization. He now has three generations of his family involved in his dealership and his son and grandson are both now state officers. He is a 20 year national association member.

Walter E. Wells

A 33 year industry veteran, he is Past Chairman of MHI, and served 2 terms as MHI Technical Activities Committee Chairman. He developed the first HUD code two story home, and is a recognized long time proponent of industry construction and safety standards. He is also the first second generation Hall of Fame inductee, his father Walter O. Wells having been honored as and industry pioneer in 1974.

Lawrence M. Coss

A recognized leader in the development of RV and Manufactured Housing financing programs, he changed the way RV's and homes were financed by providing non-recourse loans to retailers. His company was also the first to offer asset based loans on industry products. He also assured that the finance industry would be actively represented in all state and national associations by promoting the involvement of his personnel in association work.

Ben Layton

Involved in manufactured housing finance, retail, and community development, he was one of the organizers of the North Carolina state association and is a 28-year member. He was a leader in the development of the NCMH PAC. A leading developer of land-home sub divisions since 1974, he has been a major retailer of multi-section homes since 1961.

Leff Moore

The 29 year Executive Director and lobbyist for the West Virginia MHA, he built the acceptance of Manufactured Housing to the position that it is the primary source for new homes in West Virginia. He is Past Chairman of the national Manufactured Housing Executive Council and is identified as the Dean of association executives. He is also the founder and Director of the West Virginia RV Association

Bob Tiffin

A pioneer in the use of steel skirting below the floor to hang the walls on motorhomes, he is recognized as a champion for customer satisfaction and service. He is a nationally recognized industry leader in the areas of positive employee, customer and dealer relationships. His nomination was originated by support from his consumers.

Bobby Vincent

He is recognized by the industry as a heating pioneer, and was the first to use permanent magnet motors, and piezo ignition in RV furnaces. He developed one piece vent caps, and his promotion of DSI ignition eliminated the use of standing pilots in RV furnaces as well as in water heaters and refrigerators. He also introduced aluminum ranges for RV’s. He has been a leading proponent of RV gas appliance safety.
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