RV/MH Hall of Fame News

James P. Yanan

Developed a wide variety of national insurance services for MH and RV industry in physical damage, lenders protection, and inventory coverages, including the 10 year warranty program that allowed federal loan guarantees to MH and RV lenders. Active with many state and national associations.

William B. Symonds

He is a 36 year active member of Illinois MHA and its Past President, a pioneer developer of Manufactured Housing rental communities, early retailer of 10’ and 12’ wide homes.

Larry Ryan

25 year board member of Wisconsin MHA serving 2 terms as President, 12 year Wisconsin representative to the national MH Federation. Built first community where homes were set sideways to streets with detached garages.

John D. McCarry

Conceived and developed the roller type “on demand” RV water pump which changed the industry standard from diaphragm and impeller type pumps. A leader in the customer service and product quality orientation. A strong supporter of industry associations.

Edward J. Hussey

MHMA Chairman 1965- 1967, MHI Chairman 1977-1979, one of the founders of MHARR, active in the support of trade and retail shows and public demonstrations nation wide. A tireless worker for professionalism and education in the industry.

Joseph A. Conforti

Founder and first President of the Long Island MH Association and 1963 President of New York MH Dealers Association. He was able to get state sales tax removed from the sale of used homes and have them assessed as real property. Achieved a yearly permit system for movement of oversize loads on NY highways replacing individual permits for each move. Pioneering retailer of 10' and 12' wide homes