RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Robert G. Pelkey

As a home manufacturer, supplier, RV manufacturer, retailer, land developer and association executive, his service has been felt by all sections of the industry. He was an active member and officer of state and national associations for over 30 years. His service as a trade show administrator and industry spokesman has left a lasting impression on industry and consumer alike.

Ralph H. Miller

A pioneer in the highway movement of manufactured homes, he developed the short wheelbase towing units that kept overall length to legal limits as homes grew in size. He was a persistent lobbyist to get unrestricted movement of manufactured homes on state highways through out the country. An active member of the suppliers Board of Governors of MHI he served on many committees.

Carlton M. Edwards

A manufactured home retailer, he was the developer and Director of the Mobile Homes Education Program (degrees through Ph.D.) at Michigan State University in the 1950’s and 60’s. Professor Edwards is the author of RV and manufactured home research studies published in magazines worldwide. He is a nationally recognized expert witness on zoning issues and a recognized historian of the RV and manufactured home industries

Sheldon Coleman

An industry pioneer beginning in the 1920's, he developed many appliances for RV and Manufactured Home lighting, heating/air conditioning, and cooking. He developed the downflow furnace that introduced forced air heating to Mobile Homes and RV's and replaced convection heaters as the industry standard. He was a charter member of many state and national associations.

Robert L. Berner

A 20-year member of MHI, RVIA, and the Manufactured Housing Federation, he served as Finance Committee Chairman of both RVIA and MHI and served as the Chairman of the MHI Suppliers Board of Governors. He was one of the originators of land-home finance plans. For over 15 years, he was a featured speaker at industry activities.

George Alexander

Led the development of VA mortgages for manufactured homes offering up to 30 year terms, unlimited loan maximums, home/land packages. He supervised the issuance of over 50,000 G.I. loans for manufactured homes. He was the founding president of SEMHI and 3 year chairman of the SEMHI show.