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Bob  Parish

VP of Global Accounts Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance



Bob Parish’s knowledge gained as a significantly involved volunteer to the industry, helped Wells Fargo CDF (as a critical component of the RV industry) to navigate the uncertainty of 2008-2009. CDF, the only wholesale finance lender to never stop funding the dealer base, remained true to the industry by fairly communicating its strategy necessary to remain a partner in one of the darkest periods in the RV industry thereby benefiting the viability of the industry as a whole. In addition to being successful in his career, Bob Parish has consistently provided support to issues impacting the growth of the entire RV industry through willing and dedicated service at the board and committee levels of RVlA, using calm rationale and a data-driven approach, yet with diplomacy. He has also been a champion for RVDA’s Con/Expo as a Wells Fargo CDF Gold Sponsor for many years and a charter sponsor of the Top 50 RV Dealer Awards. His key guidance in the formation of the RV Technical Institute is importantly noteworthy as it will have a positive industry impact for many years to come.