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Jeff  Pastore

Hartville RV Center



Jeff often mentions the four most important things in his world are: his faith, his family, his friends and the business. Jeff has been with Hartville RV Center, Inc. since it opened in 1972. At that time, Jeff was just 10 years old, but began helping out in small ways around the dealership and learned the ropes. As time went on, each year he took on more and more responsibilities. He worked part-time at the dealership while in high school. While he was attending Kent State University, he worked at the dealership full-time all while earning his degree in Business/Marketing. Jeff is now the Vice President and General Manager of Hartville RV Center. He has always been a dedicated volunteer in service to the RV Dealers Association (RVDA) for more than 20 years, serving as Chairman and many other committee assignments. Jeff always has the dealer in mind when it comes to decisions that are made or various avenues that are pursued. He guided dealers through one of the hardest times in RVDA history. He led the association through the steps needed to keep the association going with calm confidence. Jeff has a “volunteer mentality”, takes time to mentor those whom need the advice and wisdom he can offer, and his has exhibited incredible honesty and integrity in every aspect of life and business