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Join us on August 15th , 2022 to celebrate the inductees below, the Hall of Fame’s 50th year anniversary, and the grand-opening of the 21,000 square foot Manufactured Housing Museum

Class of 2022 (Pictured Above)
Top row: RV: Mark “Mick” Ferkey, Donald “Don” Gunden, Veronica “Ronnie” Hepp, William “Bill” R. Redmond, Lewis “Lewy” Shaum
Bottom Row: MH: David J. Carter, Sr., Raylen Gritton, Harry Karsten, Tim Williams
, Eugene W. Landy

The 2022 RV Inductee Class includes:

Mark “Mick” Ferkey; RV Dealer, Wisconsin

Donald “Don” K. Gunden; OEM – RV Manufacturer, Indiana

Veronica “Ronnie” Hepp; RVDA, Virginia

William “Bill” R. Redmond; RV Dealer, Alberta, CA

Lewis “Lewy” Shaum; RV Supplier, Michigan

The 2022 MH Inductee Class Includes:

David J. Carter, Sr.; MH Supplier, Florida

Raylen Gritton; MH Dealer / Retailer, California

Harry Karsten; OEM – MH Manufacturer, California

Eugene W. Landy; MH Community Owner, New Jersey

Tim Williams; MH Finance Lender, Tennessee

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