RV/MH Hall of Fame News

David L. Webster

A 25-year MHI member and board member, he has served as chairman of the supplier division and is recognized for his dedication to the advancement of the housing industry. He led the change from awning windows to double-hung style in manufactured homes. He supports the RV industry as an RVIA member, and he is 25-year member and board member of the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers) for window and door manufacturers where he served on the long-range planning committee and helped to chart the association's strategic imperatives.

Bill Webster

An industry leader for over 50 years, he has developed and managed over 520 manufactured home sites including 120 rental homes and was among the very firs to require storm-proof tie downs on all his homes. A 30 year state association board member, he served as its president in 1972. Part of the lobbying team for 14 and 16’ wide movement in Kansas, he led the team that got sales tax removed from manufactured home sales in the state. He is a 20-year board member and promoter of the Kansas City Show.

B.J. Thompson

An active RVIA member for over 20 years, he has served the association for 20 years as its Public Relations Committee Chairman. He is a founding member of the highly successful Go-RVing Coalition and has led its expansion into major print and media promotions. He received the RVIA National Service Award in 1986 and its Distinguished Service to the RV Industry Award in 1995. He has devised and led numerous national RV promotional campaigns.

Robert Sage

As a 50 year industry veteran he was a sales and marketing executive for both manufacturers and suppliers before becoming the primary pioneer in executive recruiting on a national basis for the recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industries. He conceived and founded what became the forerunner to today’s third party engineering and inspection companies in response to challenges posed by the origination of the HUD code in the 1970s. For over 30 years he also served as a respected intermediary in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures for industry companies.

Arthur L. Richter

As a second-generation retailer, active for 50 years, he is a 36 year member of the Kentucky MHA and has served the association as an officer and board member. He has been recognized locally and nationally as a leader of the industry in customer relations and service. He has conceived many practices that are now looked on as industry standards. He is a licensed minister and serves several churches in that capacity.

Donald R. Pletcher

A long time industry leader as a supplier, RV manufacturer, and housing manufacturer, he has distinguished himself as a champion of industry integrity and unity. An RVIA board member and executive committee member, he received its Distinguished Service to the RV Industry Award in 1993, and its National Legislative Award in 1999. For nearly 40 years he has been a leader and example of the benefit of personal and corporate integrity in the industry.

Gary LaBella

A dynamic and imaginative leader, he is recognized for coalescing the industry in the mid-1990s with the launch of the most successful marketing program in the industry's history, "Go RVing," widely credited with transforming RVing's image and propelling sales to new highs. As RVIA's chief marketing officer, he also spearheaded myriad other award-winning PR and advertising initiatives during a distinguished four-decade career. A creative force known for his impactful and entertaining presentations, he was a well-known face of RVIA and a national media spokesman who was celebrated with the Hall of Fame's prestigious Spirit Award as well as major awards from both RVIA and RVDA. On the occasion of the RV industry's centennial in 2010, RV Business named him one of the "100 Most Influential People in the Industry's History." RV Trade Digest earlier named him one of its "Top 25 leaders All Time." Upon his retirement from RVIA, his stellar career was saluted in the Congressional Record.

Tony Ingram

A 35 year RVIA member, he is recognized as a strong supporter of the association and its promotional “Go RVing” campaign. Winner of the RVDA Quality Circle Award he is a advocate for manufacturers targeting dealer and consumer satisfaction as a primary objective. He holds the patent for oversized “Big-N-Tall” outside storage compartment design in fifth wheel RVs facilitating more comfortable full time RV living. He is the first manufacturer to offer opposing 17foot slide outs to increase living space in RVs.

Rick Horsey

A long time RVDA board member, he served as its chairman in 1997 and 98. He has served for 5 years as the RVDA Education Foundation Chairman and for 10 years on the RVDA-RVIA Service Technician Certification Board. He is a founding member of the Go-RVing Committee on Excellence and has twice been the recipient of the RVIA National Service Award. He is recognized as the driving force behind the reorganization of RVDA to be more responsive to dealer needs.

Jerry Greer

A 30 year veteran RV dealer and RVDA Board member, he was chairman of the national association from 1990-92, and he received its James B Summers award in 1995. He served as RVDA Education Foundation Chairman for the first 7 years of its existance. He served on the board of the RV Assistance Corporation for for nine years including 5 years as its chairman. He is recognized as an advocate for making the RV sales process more customer friendly.
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