RV/MH Hall of Fame News

J.T. Williams

One of the founders of North Carolina MHI, 2 terms as President, 25 years as a Board member. As an operator of 5 retail centers he was one of the leaders in the development of regional and state MH shows, developed a pier design to meet FEMA standards for MH setup in flood plain areas.

Herbert E. Tieder

Long time activist for the manufactured housing industry and it's state and national associations. He is often referred to as the "conscience of the manufactured housing industry." He served over 20 years on MHI marketing and PR committees. One of the original founders of the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

William J. Novak

First President of Montana MHA, pioneer retailer of 10' wide homes, instrumental in the opening of Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota to over-width home movement. Leader of the effort to get natural gas service to mobile home parks. Founder of Gallatin Homes.

Jerry E. Kimmel

Past Chairman of the MHI Suppliers show, 2 term Chairman MHI Board of Governors, active with RVIA, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and California MHA, co-designer of flexible hand held shower for Housing and RV's.

Billy T. Everett

Past President of WDA, Active in RVIA, Texas RVA, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and California MHA. Holds the patent on the LP gas regulator for RVs.

Marlyn C. Andre

Installed the first U.L. approved forced air furnace in mobile homes, Active member of TDNA-MDNA, TCMA, MHMA, RVI and RVIA; served 10 years on the faculty of MDNA service schools. Led the effort to get RV parking sites and dump stations on the Indiana toll road.