RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Joseph S. Thompson

Past president of MDNA, he helped to establish the MDNA service schools, helped to create simple interest loans to MH dealers. He was a long time industry activist as a retailer, park developer, consultant, and appraiser.

Roland Schmidt

Built his retail sales operation into 35 locations in 5 states, founder and President of the General Capital Investment Co. which exclusively financed MH dealers and community operators. He designed and wrote the first insurance policy to protect lenders against repossession losses.

Robert A. DeRose

A 40 year member of MHMA-MHI, he is a Past Chairman and served several terms as Treasurer. He was the first manufacturer to install a complete "house style" bathroom in manufactured homes in 1949. He also pioneered forced air heating and prefinished metal siding in the manufactured housing industry.

Glenn Brown

A pioneer in the introduction of plastic plumbing and synthetic fixtures into the manufactured housing industry, developed “grabber” plastic pipe fittings, water-tight sewer fittings, led the fight to have US plumbing components approved for Canadian homes. He was active in both state and national associations.