RV/MH Hall of Fame News

John Serro

A pioneer travel trailer manufacturer, he developed his company building small 10-13 foot long garagable units, he served on the RVIA Board and the Pennsylvania RVCA board. He was the first manufacturer to develop a campground exclusively for owners of his brand of trailers.

Thomas H. Fagan

President of TCA, Chairman of the Supplier Division of TCMA, President of MHMA, Charter Board Member of Wisconsin MHA, active on national show committees for TCA and MHMA, he represented KIT Manufacturing as Sales Manager and Board Member.

Wallace J. Conner

A park operator, retailer, manufacturer and lender, he built one of the first vertically integrated companies in the MH industry, he served as first president of North Carolina MHI, Chairman of MHI, and board member of SEMHI. He built the first UL approved manufactured home.