RV/MH Hall of Fame News

M.B. St. John

Pioneer supplier, TDNA and TCMA Charter Board Member, one of the founders of TDNA service schools, invented the first common trailer coupler, and first leveling jacks.

Mitchell Shulman

One of the founders and long time Board Member and supporter of NY MHA, developed 32 retail centers and 5 communities.

M.E. Raker

Pioneer manufacturer, active in TCMA and MHMA, one of the founders of the Gold Seal and Craftsmen’s Guild. Pioneered under-floor duct heating, retractable bay windows, and prefinished aluminum exteriors.

R.A. Woodall

Developed the first magazine for trailer travelers and the first campground directory. Established a workable campground rating system, and a MH park system credited as a major force in park improvements.

Howard Monson

Early RV manufacturer and dealer, long time Board member and twice Past President of Michigan MHA, founder and producer of the Detroit RV show

George Miles

Pioneer manufacturer, long time board member and Past President of MHMA and Chairman of its War Activities Committee during WWII, one of the originators of the Craftsmen’s Guild and the Gold Seal program, Founder and Chairman of the Park Development Corporation to finance MH parks.

John Manley

Executive Director of Georgia MHA where membership grew 10 fold under his leadership and many manufacturers were attracted to the state, he then organized and became chief executive of SEMHI where his lobbying efforts served 9 southeastern states.

Richard Klingler

RVIA Board Chairman and Standards Committee Chairman, developed aluminum frame technology in trailers and motorhomes, originated flat roof design (eliminating domed “coach roof”) and the convertible dinette-bed.

William Hagood

Board Member and five term Past President of Ohio MHA, and Past Chairman of MDNA, one of the founders of the National Manufactured Housing Federation.

Martin Goodyear

Long term mobile home retailer, Indiana MHA Board Member and 2 term Past President, MDNA officer, MDNA National Man of the Year, one of the founders of the Midwest MH Federation that produces the Louisville Show.
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