RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Clifford Wilmath

Founder of the first weekly newspapers especially for residents of mobile homes. Instrumental in the founding of the Florida, Texas, and Arizona MH Associations. Long time editorial champion of industry causes.

Eugene L. Vesely

Active RVIA board member and responsible for many advances in the design and promotion of folding camp trailers during the 1950s and 60s.

Earl E. Raymond

Founding member of MHMA and President in 1941. He was the direct link between the MH industry and the U.S. war effort in providing entire communities to house defense workers during WWII.

William S. Olson

Early staff member and lobbyist for MHMA, became Executive Director of Florida MH Association in 1956 and served for 25 years

Franklyn McDonald

RV and MH dealer and park developer in many states. He was instrumental in the creation of over 5,000 mobile home sites in Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and California.

August M. Bock

Pioneer in the design and manufacture of frames and hitches. He held numerous offices in many state and national associations.