RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Walter O. Wells

Pioneer manufacturer, he was one of the founders and an early president of TCMA (now MHI), his life long promotional efforts were greatly responsible for the acceptance of mobile homes as a valuable part of the nations housing supply.

Howard F. Ward

Builder of the first all steel trailer chassis on the west coast, instrumental in introducing butane appliances to west coast manufacturers, a long time officer and President of TCA, he was the association's first supplier member.

Ted Walker

Pioneer retailer, founder and first president of the Arizona Mobile Home Dealers Association and 20 year chairman of its legislative committee, founder of the Arizona MHA and long time activist in MDNA.

Omar Suttles

Formed his company in 1930, he was one of the founders and a long time officer of TCA. He designed and patented many trailer features including an integrated “dolly wheel” to carry tongue weight so standard autos could pull his heavier trailers. He was one of the first manufacturers to use all aluminum exteriors.

Arthur G. Sherman

He built the industy's first giant production company producing 35-40 units per day from one plant as early as 1935. Developed the first national floor plan and consumer finance plan with CIT. He developed the process of laminating steel to plywood for trailer exteriors.

Ebe Shaw

One of the founders and past President of TCA, he was the western delegate of the trailer coach industry to the War Production Board during WWII. He was the first trailer manufacturer to provide his dealers with display kits to enhance display of his products.

George D. Milligan

Long time retailer, active as an officer of TCA including serving as the last dealer to be elected President, he helped to develop the TCA shows and to develop the California trailer construction code. His store is recognized as the first retail shop to include a body shop for structural repairs.

William B. MacDonald

Founder of the first multi-company Mobile Home and RV holding company, he was a long time activist and officer in TCMA including serving as its President. Founded one of the first trailer transport companies. He founded a finance company to offer no-recourse floor plan funding to dealers.

Gene Disano

Pioneer builder of trailer wheels and axles. Long time officer of TCA, including President from 64 – 67. He served for many years on the joint TCA-MHMA Washington Affairs Council as a national lobbyist for the industry.

Max Bowen

Developed the first small water heater for trailers in 1945. He obtained the first laboratory approval of a gas fired appliance for mobile homes. A founder and long time member of MDNA Service School faculty. He later became a developer of luxury RV parks and developed Waste Away, one of the first holding tank chemicals.