RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Paul Abel

Pioneer trailer manufacturer, long time Indiana MHA Show Chairman, co-founder of RVI (now RVIA), founder and first President of the American Institute of Travel Trailer Manufacturers, instrumental in the merger of the travel trailer divisions of RVI and MHMA.

Jack Wells

One of the founders of TCA in 1938 and a long time Board Member including serving two separate terms as President, he was a long time activist on industry business and legislative affairs.

Paul Riedel

Long time MHMA Board member and officer, Chairman of the Land Development Committee, MDNA Board member, early pre-fabricated home builder and housing innovator.

Ralph Morgan

Father of the commercial transportation industry for RVs and manufactured homes, he was the first to receive nation wide ICC authority for delivering trailers. He developed the short wheel base toter truck to allow towing of the largest possible trailers and the “beavertail” style trailers for transporting multiple smaller trailers with easy roll off dismounting

Kenneth Minich

Founder of the Pennsylvania Dealers Association and Pennsylvania MHA. He organized and directed the first Pennsylvania MH and RV show. Recognized as an outstanding lobbyist, no bill he supported failed to pass in eleven years of service.

Warren F. Jones

He has served the industry on the national Boards of Directors of TCA, MHMA, MDNA, MHI, RVI, and RVIA. He was the first Chairman of the TCA service clinics, he was selected as an industry representative on the HUD Manufactured Home Advisory Council.

Welburn Guernsey

A leader in the movement to replace “trailer camps” with functioning “cities”. He was the first to require hurricane anchors on all units in all his communities. He built the first self-contained adult community and the first community to provide around the clock security.

Arthur R. Costello

Active on the Boards of Directors of both TCA and MHMA, he led the development of the first fully self contained production travel trailer. He was recognized nationally for his efforts in the promotion of RV activities.

Roy Clayton

Long time TCA officer and past President, organized the first mobile home park owner association in California, active in organizing public retail, and industry trade shows

Pete Callander

Pioneer retailer, early officer of both Indiana and national associations, long time activist for dealers and park owners. President of Indiana MHA, President of MDNA, one of the founders of MHMA service schools, leader of the first Elkhart Trailer Show. He was selected to represent all dealers nationally before congress when it was considering passage of the HUD code.
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