RV/MH Hall of Fame News

Norman Wolfe

Pioneer manufacturer and design innovator. Charter member and President of TCMA, he was an early practitioner and promoter of active manufacturer-dealer relations.

Edward Wilson

As an early association executive for twenty-five years, he led the national association into advertising, construction and park standards, educational programs and political lobbying. He was a nationally recognized spokesman promoting mobile home living.

Earl Swett

Early manufacturer and Board Member of MHMA serving three terms as Chairman, he is recognized as “the father of industry wide standards” for his devotion to the establishment of the ANSI code and its acceptance by state and municipal authorities.

C.J. Stoll

Pioneer retailer, and park developer he was an active supporter of local and national associations and mentor to other retailers. He sold the first tenwide home which had to be transported to his location by rail as it was not legal on most highways. Charter member and director of Florida MHA.

Wilbur J. Schult

Pioneer manufacturer, instrumental in the founding of TCMA, builder of innovative two unit modular homes during World War II, nationally active housing industry promoter and showman who was responsible for much of the early industry growth.

Betty Orr

Industry pioneer aftermarket supplier, retailer, manufacturer and association leader. She was the first female interior designer in the trailer industry. Designer of the first multiple unit tow vehicle. First female president of a national association in the industry.

Hal McPherson

Pioneer supplier who developed the first grinder type toilet which allowed the use of toilets and holding tanks in trailers. Leading lobbyist for the national plumbing code for trailers. Instrumental in getting trailer dwellers included in US census figures for the first time (1950).

Kristian Jensen

Pioneer retailer, park developer, New England MHA President and MDNA Board member and President. Authored the first book on MH park development. Leader of legislative battles throughout New England to get zoning favorable to MH parks.

Jerry Golden

Early TCA Board Member and two term President. Consumer affairs activist and pioneer builder of expandable homes and double-wides. Conceived and built the giant 65 foot “Flagship” motorhome in the mid 1950s.

Elmer Frey

Housing pioneer responsible for changing the image of industry products from trailers to homes. Builder of the first over-width “tenwide” mobile home. MHMA Board member and active lobbyist for the altering of load width restrictions on state and national highways.
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