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David  Fought




David Fought studied to be an engineer and began as draftsman at Starcraft RV in 1970. By 1991 when Starcraft RV was sold to Jayco, he had worked his way up vice president of operations. Dave, being the consummate innovator, ventured out on his own with an idea. He and some partners soon founded SunnyBrook RV, where they built and marketed his light-aluminum superstructure that revolutionized the towables industry. After selling SunnyBrook in 1996, Dave started another successful RV company named DRV and then purchased Cruiser RV. Dave’s vision for lighter weight products, along with fully loaded high-end luxury convenience and comfort features, lives on today in Cruiser RV. In January 2015 Dave sold Cruiser and Doubletree RV to Thor Industries. Having remarkable track record in creating successful companies is a difficult task. This is something that can only be done by being a man of his word and having respect throughout the RV industry. There are several aspects that sets David apart from others not only in the industry but as an individual. David goes the extra mile and puts forth effort every step of the way. David is hard working and extremely efficient. He is a leader by example, hands-on role model, and his work ethic is a good representation of true character.