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Bob  Tiedge

Lippert Components



Bob Tiedge has been instrumental in the success of not only Lippert Components, but as a true visionary for the RV industry in the field of hydraulics, product design and innovation. Bob has been a leader in every sense of the word. Bob has always been focused on continuous improvement, servicing our customers and making the experience of RVing the very best it could be for the retail consumers. A brilliant mind capable of developing patentable products to a servant leader, willing to drive thousands of miles at a minute’s notice to keep RV families on the road, For over ten years, Bob had developed hydraulics for Fleetwood, when Lippert asked if he’d leave his former company and work on Lippert’s slide out. He moved immediately to Syracuse, Indiana, and started work on the slide out project for Lippert Components. He parked his motorhome at the plant and stayed day and night working on new prototypes that are now main stream on all hydraulic slide-out units in the industry today. Bob started hydraulic landing gear for RVs that were more powerful, robust and faster than its electric counterpart. Bob took the landing gear a step further and started LCl’s leveling program and was responsible for why leveling is on every single high profile fifth wheel that is built today. Leveling a towable frame was quite an accomplishment. Bob Tiedge is a very valuable teammate and invaluable asset to LCI and the RV industry. He’s helped make LCI what it is today. He has been a wonderful mentor and champion of our industry.