RV/MH Hall of Fame Pledges/Donors

Our Life Blood

Non-profit organizations such as the RV/MH Heritage Foundation depend upon the generosity of friends of the organization to fund the day-to-day operations and for on-going capital improvements.

It’s our life blood and we hope those friends that have enjoyed a good life from the fruits of the RV/MH Industries will continue to support the Foundation. We are fortunate to have pledges totaling $11,132,917 and have received $8,207,917 of those pledges — plus $1,997,500 in non-monetary gifts of kind for a grand total of $10,205,417 received.

Please call us at 800-378-8694 to add your name to the list by pledging today.

Darryl Searer/President

Building Campaign Donors

DonorGift CategoryPledgedReceived
Thor Industries
Winnebago Industries / Hanson Foundation
Champion Enterprises
Champion Conference Center
Floyd & Irene YounkinTheater$500,000$500,000
Boots & Betty Ingram
Boots & Betty Ingram Hall

Founders Circle Gifts

DonorGift CategoryPledgedReceived
Newmar CorporationFounders Circle
Ralph ScoularFounders Circle

Friends of the Hall Gifts

DonorGift CategoryPledgedReceived
Al Ruhl (In Memory of Elaine Ruhl)Platinum Pillar$100,000$100,000
Beck IndustriesPlatinum Pillar$100,000$100,000
Darryl SearerPlatinum Pillar/Membership$5,000$5,000
Don WallacePlatinum Pillar/Ingram Challenge$25,000$25,000
Family Motor Coach AssociationPlatinum Pillar$100,000$100,000
Jim Shea/Fairmont Homes/Gulfstream CoachPlatinum Pillar$100,000$100,000
Marcus LemonisPlatinum Pillar/Ingram challenge$25,000$25,000
Patrick IndustriesPlatinum Pillar$150,000$150,000
R. James ScoularPlatinum Pillar/Annual Membership$5,000$27,500
Tony & Stephanie Ingram/Teton HomesPlatinum Pillar$100,000$100,000
Bluelinx CorporationSilver Pillar$40,000$40,000
Coachmen IndustriesSilver Pillar$50,000$50,000
Drew IndustriesSilver Pillar$50,000$50,000
Foremost InsuranceSilver Pillar$50,000$50,000
JaycoSilver Pillar$50,000$50,000
American Modern InsuranceBronze Pillar$25,000$25,000
Richard Klingler FamilyBronze Pillar$30,000$30,000
Rolly & Martha BannisterBronze Pillar$25,000$25,000
Sunline CoachBronze Pillar$25,000$25,000
The CIT GroupBronze Pillar$25,000$25,000
Ass’n of Manufacturer’s ClubsCornerstones of Our Heritage$2,000$2,000
BJ ThompsonCornerstones of Our Heritage$7,945$7,945
Blue OxCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
Bob & Mary DeRoseCornerstones of Our Heritage$20,000$20,000
Brian W. FannonCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
Carl A. EhryCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
CongoleumCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
Dan RolfesCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,347$1,347
Dennis HillCornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
Dutch Park HomesCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Edmund GraberCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
EL. CappaertCornerstones of Our Heritage$2,000$2,000
George & Carolyn AllenCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Germano ManagementCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Hart City RV SalesCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
IowaMHACornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
Jerry PickrellCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
JM. Huber Corp.Cornerstones of Our Heritage$2,500$2,500
John KetelsenCornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
John W. HaydenCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Joseph P. Hayden, Jr.Cornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Ken RobertsCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Kentucky MHICornerstones of Our Heritage$1,500$1,500
Larry McClainCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
LaSalle BristolCornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
LeffMooreCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
liberty HomesCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
M.E. Raker FoundationCornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
McClain’s RVCornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
Mel FathCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Michael MolinoCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Mississippi MHACornerstones of Our Heritage$1,500$1,500
Montana MHA & RV Assoc.Cornerstones of Our Heritage$2,000$2,000
New York MHACornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Newby ManagementCornerstones of Our Heritage$3,000$3,000
OhioMHACornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
Onan CorporationCornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
Parkview RV CenterCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Pennsylvania RVCACornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Pikes Peak TravelahdCornerstones of Our Heritage$2,500$2,500
Pleasureland RV CenterCornerstones of Our Heritage$2,500$2,500
Ronald A. ThomasCornerstones of Our Heritage$0,125$0,125
Ronald L. CrippinCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Roy & Wilma PetersenCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
South Dakota MHACornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
Ted WeinholdCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
The Heritage GroupCornerstones of Our Heritage$5,000$5,000
Warren E JonesCornerstones of Our Heritage$2,500$2,500
William E PlettnerCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000
Wisconsin MHACornerstones of Our Heritage$10,000$10,000
ZemanMHCCornerstones of Our Heritage$1,000$1,000

Endowment Gifts

DonorGift CategoryPledgedReceived
Roger & Waneta ReynoldsLibrary/Estate value not known$2,000,000

Other Source Gifts

DonorGift CategoryPledgedReceived
Boots & Betty IngramMuseum/Antique Unit Collection$1,000,000$1,000,000
GO RVingSign/Electronic Digital Sign facing I-80$200,000$200,000
Sale of Former BuildingOther/Cash to account$500,000$500,000
State of Indiana GrantOther/Cash to account$200,000$200,000

Gifts of Kind / Non-monetary Gifts

DonorGift CategoryValue Received
Affinity GroupMarketing/Free Advertising Not cash$50,000
Allan J. Ludwig and Donald R. MosseyLand/Not cash$1,000,000
Classic TransportCornerstones of Our Heritage/Free transport not cash$1,000
Ingram FamilyOther/Loan Interest & $100,000 challenge$432,000
Moore’s TowingCornerstones of Our Heritage/Free transport not cash$1,000
Style Crest, Inc.Equipment/Heating & Air Conditioning Not cash Phase 1 & 2$500,000
Ultra FabEquipment/Power Mover Not cash$8,500
Wilber Bontrager (Jayco) and Joel Pladson (Starfleet)Museum/transport not cash$5,000

Paid for transporting the Crean Foundation’s donation of RVs and memorabilia from California to Elkhart, Indiana