RV/MH Hall of Fame News

L. Douglas Lippert

Perhaps a more difficult task than starting a company is moving the torch away from the founding father and keeping it lit. This task was given to L. Douglas Lippert in 1977 when his father, Larry, handed him the reigns of Lippert Components. Doug's focus was to always make the manufacturing housing industry great. He kept LCI going through two recessions and grew the company from 5 million in 1977 to 100 million in 1997.

There were many suppliers, many different companies and a lot of instability. Doug combined all of the Lippert companies into one and established strong relationships with the manufacturers bringing stability to an industry that was going down the wrong path. Once combined, LCI was able to provide frames and parts through some pretty tough times, including Hurricane Andrew which caused many of LCI's facilities to provide FEMA frames for over a year.

Without Doug's guidance through tough times, LeI wouldn't have survived to become what it is today and creating thousands a jobs along the way.