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Excerpt from RV/MH Heritage Foundation By Laws
Article VI - Hall of Fame Election Process

Section 1 - Authority

Election of candidates for induction into the RV/MH Hall of Fame shall be the responsibility of the Board. The Chairman of the Board shall appoint a Selection Committee Chairman to oversee the process. The Selection Committee Chairman shall appoint 4 board members or Hall of Fame members representing the RV industry and 4 board members or Hall of Fame members representing the MH industry to serve on the Selection Committee. The committee chairman and 4 RV representatives will recommend RV candidates and the committee chairman and 4 MH representatives will recommend MH candidates.

Section 2 - Process and Procedures

a. Any person may nominate someone for induction by completing the official nomination form and and by submitting it along with 3 (and no more than 3) "supporting" nominations completed by others who know the candidate's credentials. The official nomination form and guidelines for supporting nominations will be available on the Hall's website and the deadline for submitting nominations for consideration in the next year's class is October 31. The Selection Committee shall do its work and announce its inductees by January 31. The induction ceremony shall take place at the Hall in August.

b. In any class, there shall be no more than a total of 10 inductees, no more than 5 representing the RV side and no more than 5 representing the MH side, unless the Board takes specific action to adjust the number in any given year. If a nominee served both industries, the Selection Chairman shall use his best judgment to determine into which pool the candidate shall be placed.

c. Candidates are eligible for induction only after they have been affiliated with the industry for a minimum of 25 years, unless the Board takes specific action to make an exception at the request of the nominating party at the time of the nomination.

d. Once nominated, a candidate remains in the pool for consideration for 5 years only. If not selected for induction by then, the candidate must be re-nominated with a new nomination form and 3 new supporting nominations.

e. Candidates are to be evaluated strictly on their individual credentials with no consideration given to their geographic location or the number of other candidates in the pool who represent their same specific RV or MH segment. (There are no "slots" for industry segments.)

f. No candidate shall be elected or turned down for election unless all members of the Selection Committee have read the full nomination form and all 3 supporting nominations and the Selection Committee, as a group, has discussed the candidate's credentials.

g. No one who has met the 25-year-criteria is ineligible for election except for those who are members of the Selection Committee.

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